«А чего дома сидеть?»
Isla del Sol - hike trail

The island Isla del Sol located in the southern part of lake Titicaca at an elevation of 3800 meters above sea level. The island is divided in two parts – the north end the south community. We landed on the north part of the island near the village Challapampa. Challapampa bay is very big and beautiful, with clean calm blue water. There were several cafes on the beach where we had breakfast. The trail started from the beach near a small museum with ancient ceramics and bones in glass cases.

Then the surprises started. Near the museum stood a man who asked us for tickets to go on a trail, but the museum was free. We bought two tickets for 10 Soles and continued on our way. The trail went near a school, between houses and terraced fields. Near the school an old lady in traditional dresse checked our tickets and wished us good luck.



Here are a few notes about installation for the purposes of this post: Link
The LDS partition name should be something unique and follow the normal distinguished name syntax.  I used
When translated to a domain name, this would be lds.mydomain.com.
- I used the default option of Network Service Account.
- I added all available schemas to the Selected LDIF files section.
- All other settings used default values/selections.