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Adobe Creek Homeowners Association - Community Management Services
278 Monroe Dr. Mountain View CA 94040

The story

On February 25, 2024, at 4 p.m., we observed water on the first floor of our property. The water came from our adjacent Unit #18. With the help of another neighbour from Unit #17, we shut off the main water valve for Unit #18 to stop the water flow. The Unit #18 was under remodeling at that time, and the valves were closed because of work on the water pipes inside the unit. Someone from HOA garden workers opened public valve for Unit #18 causing the flooding in the unit that spreaded to the adjacent units.
We received permission from the owner of the the Unit#18 to gain access inside. I shut off the electrical breakers.

git branches

We are going to enforce the Git Best Practice branch's protection rules and recommendaions for GitHub Organization repositories.

Also we will automate a proces of adding and updating teams and branch protection rules to GitHub Organization repository.

There is the same way to apply branch protection and recommendaions to private (non-organization GitHub repositories but you need to modify the automation scipts). Also some options are not available for non-organization GitHub repositories.





Национальный парк Joshua TreeAnd once again, we make our journrey with friends, to Joshua Tree National Park

We make our way down here every year, on the last weekend of May, so that we can experience the desert heat, rock climb on real rocks, take some time away from work, and spend our time with good people. On this trip, our whole family came, along with Boris, Natasha, Yulia, Victor Zybin, Kirk + Caren, Gina + Steven, Mónica + Nuno, Brian, Maya + Steve (this is so I don't forget). 
What is Joshua Tree National Park? This is a part of the top of the Mojave Desert - a plateau resting at 1200 meters above sea level, with the temperature lower by 5-10 C, than in the lower part of Mojave Desert. 

What is the Mojave Desert. It is a small desert in North America, where many Hollywood movies were filmed. So, if you see a Hollywood movie with a desert, moon, The Martian - then it was in the Mojave Desert, since Los Angeles and Hollywood are only a one hour drive away. Top Gun was also filmed here. 

Isla del Sol - hike trail

The island Isla del Sol located in the southern part of lake Titicaca at an elevation of 3800 meters above sea level. The island is divided in two parts – the north end the south community. We landed on the north part of the island near the village Challapampa. Challapampa bay is very big and beautiful, with clean calm blue water. There were several cafes on the beach where we had breakfast. The trail started from the beach near a small museum with ancient ceramics and bones in glass cases.


Then the surprises started. Near the museum stood a man who asked us for tickets to go on a trail, but the museum was free. We bought two tickets for 10 Soles and continued on our way. The trail went near a school, between houses and terraced fields. Near the school an old lady in traditional dresse checked our tickets and wished us good luck.



Here are a few notes about installation for the purposes of this post: Link
The LDS partition name should be something unique and follow the normal distinguished name syntax.  I used


When translated to a domain name, this would be
- I used the default option of Network Service Account.
- I added all available schemas to the Selected LDIF files section.
- All other settings used default values/selections.